What is Levitra 20mg used for?

Levitra 20mg is the most common and favourite erection pill out of all Levitra pills. This because the 20mg variant, was the original amount of Vardenafil in the pill. Generic Levitra 20mg is much cheaper than the brand version of Levitra, and that’s why a very popular solution.


Next to Levitra 20mg, there are also stronger versions of Levitra available, as Levitra 40mg and Levitra 60mg – this means the amount of Vardenafil inside the pill is 40mg and 60mg. Next to stronger versions of Levitra, there are also weaker versions of Levitra available, for people for whom Levitra 20mg is too strong. This is Levitra 10mg – which means the amount of Vardenafil ┬áinside the pill is 10mg. Read more about Vardenafil.

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